Check out the concerts at Calliope

Join us about once a month for a free concert of mostly local musicians who love to play and perform. Some of the groups are brand new such as Tempo Primo Trio and others are veterans who have been performing together for a long time. In all cases, we are honored and very flattered that these musicians and customers of ours volunteer to perform in the store as a part of our Calliope Events series. You can see a list of all upcoming Events on our homepage and you can receive email reminders, just give us your email address. We like to remind people that many of these groups are available for hire at parties, weddings and other special events.

And by coming to hear them you are supporting live music – a very good thing. Oh – and also…all ages are welcome! There is a back door so if you need to escape quickly we can let you out. We even have crayons for all you over 40 year olds.