New Debussy Works for Violin from Baerenreiter

We have been thrilled with Baerenreiter’s foray into the world of Debussy. Until Baerenreiter started publishing his music I was a fan of Durand however, the Baerenreiter edition of Children’s Corner has become a teaching staple for me. And now, violinists will be very pleased with Debussy’s Complete Works for Violin. It is a relief to see larger, over-sized publications with notes that actually fit on the page and room to write numerous notes to the student. Sadly, Durand editions have been shrinking and there are mistakes that the editors at Baerenreiter have corrected. And the blue color is SO Debussy!

Also worth pointing out, is the beautiful single editions of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas. Next year Baerenreiter will have the complete Beethoven Sonatas available. As a teacher and player, I am very happy with these editions. Alas, there is no fingering, however, I find the beautiful layout and easy page turns worth not having fingering. I end up having to change fingering anyway! Stop by the store and see all the single Piano Sonatas published so far along with these other new titles: