Otilie Sukova Piano Works and other new Baerenreiter publications


Otilie Sukova (nee Dvorakova) was born 6 June 1878, one year after the composer Antonin Dvorak and his wife Anna had lost all three of their previous children.  Otilie was thus the oldest of Dvorak’s later children.  She died of a heart condition in 1905 a year after the death of her father, at only 27 years of age.  Though not a professional musician, she was surrounded by great music her entire life.  She married the violinist and student of Dvorak, Josef Suk.  Baerenreiter has published the four known piano pieces by Sukova in a beautiful, urtext edition.  We also have Baerenreiter’s new Janacek, Beethoven, Saint Saens, Smetana, Sevcik and Joachim along with easy ensemble music!