Instrument Rentals, Repairs, and even some used ones for sale

We have Rentals, do Repairs, and sell Used Instruments (see below):

Calliope Music partners with Menchey Music Services, a family-run company out of Hanover, PA, to provide high quality instrument rentals.

Throughout September and October, the busiest times for rentals, Calliope stocks most sizes of string instruments, as well as plenty of brass, woodwind, and percussion.  Our prices are very reasonable and in line with most other rental companies.

We offer a rent-to-own program: the money you pay each month goes toward purchase of your instrument if you decide you want to buy it.  For string players who begin with smaller sized instruments, this money can be applied toward size trade ups, so that you don’t lose the money you’ve invested.

One of the benefits of this program is that you’re not locked into a contract.  You can bring the instrument back at any time without a penalty.  As parents and teachers ourselves, we think this is the best way to rent an instrument.

Our instrumental rental program features:

  • Rent-to-own contract
  • Competitive prices
  • Good student quality instruments
  • Knowledgeable staff complete with advice if needed
  • Return the instrument at any time without penalty
  • Maintenance and repair program that covers any problems (excluding new strings and reeds) and provides you with a loaner instrument if necessary


(Note that we do strongly recommend the maintenance and repair insurance plan offered for instrument rentals.)


We repair instruments!  If you’re looking for someone to repair a sticky valve or replace some pads, we can get it done for you.  Our repair technician is off-site, so please allow about 3-4 weeks for repair.  We also offer free estimates.

Please call or email us to ask about prices or any questions you might have.  And if you have a specialized instrument need, contact us!  I’m sure that, together with Menchey, we can meet your needs.


French Horn – Continental Double $360 as is.  Needs some repair work estimated around $200 but well worth repairing according to our repair guy.  And we love the case!

Yamaha Open Hole Flute $700 for sale. Great condition – repaired by our own guy who did a “setup, repaired binding keys, pins pulled on the internal stack, and polished”.  Perfect for the advancing flutist.

Flute (Bundy) and Piccolo (Emerson) $75 each Can be sold together or separately.  Both need overhauls most probably but are good student instruments and worth it. New pads, a set up and a good shine – any school student will be proud to play in their band or orchestra with these!

Violin 1/8 size (Andantino) $50.00 – SOLD nice student violin, needs new strings and bow rehaired. Comes with Kun shoulder rest in perfect condition. Very good case with some minor issues. Violin was purchased in the UK – very nice quality.

Violin 1/2 size $50 SOLD – perfect for a beginning student.  Good case, needs new strings and bow rehaired. Shoulder rest is included.