We are closed for Memorial Day!

In honor of the holiday we are closed until Tues May 26. Enjoy your weekend and make lots of music.

Tom Meany and Friends

Last year Tom Meany and his flutist friends (and one string bassist!) joined us for a fantastic evening of flute music. If you have never heard a flute choir you must join us. We were honored to have local composer, Cynthia Folio and flutist, premier one of her pieces last year. Tom is a member of the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia which is what his “friends” in the choir are made up of – members of the Society. Please join us for a relaxing and unusual evening – how often do you get to hear flute choirs? – to kick off the summer!

Flutist Tom Meany


Calliope just got new hot singles…

Calliope presents new titles from Breitkopf & Haertel

Calliope Music will be at ASTA and MTNA with Baerenreiter

ASTA March 19 – 21 in Salt Lake City

MTNA March 20-25 in Las Vegas

Calliope is pleased to be joining Petra Woodfull-Harris from Baerenreiter at the upcoming ASTA and MTNA Conventions. During those weeks we will be showing off all the Baerenreiter publications and the good news is that we will bring home what we don’t sell! Baerenreiter continues to put out wonderful new practical editions like the ones below:

Music for Frozen keeps on selling!

We aren’t huge Disney fans but this musical has kids coming in the store singing so maybe we will change our tune about Disney. You might consider buying the music as a holiday gift or just for fun. Let’s face it – everyone will sing it with you – there are not many people who don’t know the songs…

Go to the link below to hear Let it Go!

Calliope is proud to sell local piano teacher’s anthology

Christine Carlson Cacioppo has been teaching piano to students of all ages for many years and out of this experience come self-published collections that all teachers can benefit from. How many times do you say “I really should put together my own repertoire anthology”? I stopped counting. While there are tons of collections out there very few have all of the requirements that I insist on like standard repertoire, good fingering, editing, and nice layout on the page as well as a binding that will stay on the piano. Christine has accomplished this in her two volumes of Treasures from the Piano Bench, a collection of original piano compositions that children love to play, and now a new title to help the older beginner: Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner.

In addition to her private studio, Christine teaches “Introduction to Piano” at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges and is a member of the piano faculty at The Haverford School’s Conservatory of Music. She holds degrees in piano performance (Kent State University) and musicology (New York University) and continues to study and perform. In other words she has the experience and perseverance to put these volumes together. Stop by and take a look! It’s always good to support local musicians.  Treasures II cover

Check out the concerts at Calliope

Join us about once a month for a free concert of mostly local musicians who love to play and perform. Some of the groups are brand new such as Tempo Primo Trio and others are veterans who have been performing together for a long time. In all cases, we are honored and very flattered that these musicians and customers of ours volunteer to perform in the store as a part of our Calliope Events series. You can see a list of all upcoming Events on our homepage and you can receive email reminders, just give us your email address. We like to remind people that many of these groups are available for hire at parties, weddings and other special events.

And by coming to hear them you are supporting live music – a very good thing. Oh – and also…all ages are welcome! There is a back door so if you need to escape quickly we can let you out. We even have crayons for all you over 40 year olds.

We Rent Band and Orchestra instruments

Do you need to rent an instrument for your child or even for yourself? We carry a good selection of band and orchestra instruments in stock and get regular weekly deliveries from Menchey Music, the company that we work with for rentals. These are good quality student instruments perfect for the student starting out in band or orchestra. With the insurance plan the instruments are taken care of if anything should go wrong including damage such as dropping the instrument out of the back of the car (yes, it has happened). Give us a call and ask for our rates. Cartoon orchestra

NEW Used instruments for sale in the store as of 10/1/14

From time-to-time we have customers who want to sell their instruments for various reasons but mostly because the student has graduated or moved on to other things. Instead of letting the instruments waste away in their attics they smartly sell them and you benefit from the fair prices offered. Though we do not claim to be experts we are honest and the sellers we work with are good people. So if you are tired of gambling on Craig’s List or Ebay then give us a call to see what we have.  In stock right now:

Bundy Alto Sax $200 for sale – pretty sure it is from 1946.  Good starter sax with balanced action, good tone, and great hard case. Will need some work on the pads and a  new mouthpiece but I’d buy it for my beginning student

Full size student violin $200 with bow and case Carlo Robelli P-105 – surprised me when I played it – nice smooth, even tone. Condition is excellent but a few things to expect: the bow will need re-hairing and it will need new strings. Perfect violin for a beginner or someone who just wants to fiddle around. Great deal!

Full Size Carlo Robelli Violin

Trumpet Conn 1000B in good condition $200

kurtz trumpet and case kurtz trumpet

Call or stop by to learn more or to see the instruments at any time. (610.649.8842)

Great Uke Book from our UK friends – Lindsay Music Publishers

The Musical Ukulele


Lindsay Music Publishers (UK)
Price: $22.50

by Colin Tribe – a tutor book for individuals, small groups or whole classes

Ideal for whole class teaching with ‘wider opportunities’ in mind.
Studying the ukulele is a very effective way for anyone to rapidly become a performing musician.
Through using this book you will learn to sing and strum, play single-line melodies, chords and be introduced to fingerstyle playing. Many different styles of music are included, from world folk song to classical music, including such titles as Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ and Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’ as well as children’s songs.
The book guides you through what you need to know about the language of music as each new element is encountered.
Each piece is written out in music and tab, with both chord symbols and chord boxes.
All the pieces are clearly demonstrated on the two companion CDs, which contain repetition so you can really get into each piece. The book is wire bound, so will open flat on the music stand for ease of use.
Highly structured. Learn to read music as you learn to play the ukulele. See and hear the author playing over 350 pieces on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/colinrtribe


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