We do rental instruments!

Rent from your local music store – help support the community and be assured of great instruments and excellent customer service.  While we do our rentals through a bigger company called Menchey Music Services, we make sure your instrument is right for you, that all the accessories are included, and that the string instruments are in tune when you walk out the door! Band instruments don’t have to be tuned but they need reeds and cleaning cloths and maybe a reminder as to how to take care of them.  Call us for prices.  Like all rental companies, there is a 4 month special deal going on until November.  The good news on our contracts is that you are not locked into the contract BUT if you continue to pay on the instrument you will eventually pay it off.  Stringed instruments can be exchanged for bigger sizes with no hassle and it’s free.  Try us for your next rental!  (We just don’t rent tubas – sorry…)

COVID-19 UPDATE as of Fall 2022

We are open from 10-4 Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.  Please come and browse, rent an instrument or ask for musical advice.  Masks are not required but we encourage wearing one if you are not feeling well – even if it is just a cold, thank you.   We are thankful to be in business after a difficult two years.  Thank you for shopping local!

We have these new Baerenreiter titles in stock!

New issues from CF Peters and International Music summer 2022

Wonderful cards by Alice Briggs in stock!

Titles just in that you might like!


It’s great to see recognition for women in all areas but we especially like to see women musicians getting noticed these days. Included in these titles are well known women musicians/performers along with some lesser known classical women composers. It is important for new musicians to see and play composers other than Bach, Beethoven and the others. And perhaps these titles might pique the interest of veteran musicians? Take a look – all in stock at the moment or can be ordered in if not.

Instrument Repairs

Our friend, Jeff, repairs brass and woodwind instruments. Though he is not in-house most repairs can be done in 3 to 4 weeks. We can also replace strings on most instruments for a small charge. And we are always happy to offer help and advice.  Just ask!

We Rent Band and Orchestra instruments

Do you need to rent an instrument for your child or even for yourself? We carry a good selection of band and orchestra instruments in stock and get regular weekly deliveries from Menchey Music, the company that we work with for rentals. These are good quality student instruments perfect for the student starting out in band or orchestra. With the insurance plan the instruments are taken care of if anything should go wrong including damage such as dropping the instrument out of the back of the car (yes, it has happened). Give us a call and ask for our rates. Cartoon orchestra

NEW Used instruments for sale in the store as of March 2019

From time-to-time we have customers who want to sell their instruments for various reasons but mostly because the student has graduated or moved on to other things. Instead of letting the instruments waste away in their attics they smartly sell them and you benefit from the fair prices offered. Though we do not claim to be experts we are honest and the sellers we work with are good people. So if you are tired of gambling on Craig’s List or Ebay then give us a call to see what we have.  In stock right now:

Go to our Instruments page to learn more.

Call or stop by to learn more or to see the instruments at any time. (610.649.8842)

Calliope is proud to sell local piano teacher’s anthology

Christine Carlson Cacioppo has been teaching piano to students of all ages for many years and out of this experience come self-published collections that all teachers can benefit from. How many times do you say “I really should put together my own repertoire anthology”? I stopped counting. While there are tons of collections out there very few have all of the requirements that I insist on like standard repertoire, good fingering, editing, and nice layout on the page as well as a binding that will stay on the piano. Christine has accomplished this in her two volumes of Treasures from the Piano Bench, a collection of original piano compositions that children love to play, and now a new title to help the older beginner: Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner.

In addition to her private studio, Christine teaches “Introduction to Piano” at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges and is a member of the piano faculty at The Haverford School’s Conservatory of Music. She holds degrees in piano performance (Kent State University) and musicology (New York University) and continues to study and perform. In other words, she has the experience and perseverance to put these volumes together. Stop by and take a look! It’s always good to support local musicians.

Treasures II cover

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