We do rental instruments!

Rent from your local music store – help support the community and be assured of great instruments and excellent customer service.  While we do our rentals through a bigger company called Menchey Music Services, we make sure your instrument is right for you, that all the accessories are included, and that the string instruments are in tune when you walk out the door! Band instruments don’t have to be tuned but they need reeds and cleaning cloths and maybe a reminder as to how to take care of them.  Call us for prices.  Like all rental companies, there is a 4 month special deal going on until November.  The good news on our contracts is that you are not locked into the contract BUT if you continue to pay on the instrument you will eventually pay it off.  Stringed instruments can be exchanged for bigger sizes with no hassle and it’s free.  Try us for your next rental!  (We just don’t rent tubas – sorry…)