Black men and women composers in these new volumes

And yes!  We have them in stock.  The Choral Music volume looks great!  Call for more information or to order 610-649-8842.


Growing up in the South might make one either love or hate country music but the rest of the world could be non-committal until now.  Country music is getting international recognition these days with Luke Combs performing with his idol, Tracy Chapman at the Grammy’s or Beyoncé releasing “Cowboy Carter”, in our humble opinion not so much country as it is tagged but more “creative” – we loved that she was brave enough to do something so very different!  In Spring Cleaning I found these gems that I wanted to post because I’m not sure how else to let people know about them.  Maybe you will be interested – store hours are 10-4 Tues through Sat or call for more information 610-649-8842.  We have a lot of music in the store with less and people stopping in – come browse – it’s worth it!

Vintage Sheet Music you might like!

From time to time we find really interesting vintage music that is hard to find.  Here are few Beatles ones that we think you might like.  Email or give us a call 610-649-8842 if you are interested!


New titles from Baerenreiter – still celebrating 100 year anniversary!

New titles from International Music Co

Here are some wonderful new titles from International Music Co. For those of us who know this particular publisher they have a backlist of standard titles but here they are tempting us with some interesting new music. I love the idea of 6 cellos playing Tristan und Isolde! And of course, a solid shout out to Amy Beach in this clarinet arrangement of Berceuse Opus 40/2 originally for violin and piano. The music is in stock along with lots of other new titles of all publishers. If we don’t have it in stock we can usually get it for you!

We do rental instruments!

Rent from your local music store – help support the community and be assured of great instruments and excellent customer service.  While we do our rentals through a bigger company called Menchey Music Services, we make sure your instrument is right for you, that all the accessories are included, and that the string instruments are in tune when you walk out the door! Band instruments don’t have to be tuned but they need reeds and cleaning cloths and maybe a reminder as to how to take care of them.  Call us for prices.  Like all rental companies, there is a 4 month special deal going on until November.  The good news on our contracts is that you are not locked into the contract BUT if you continue to pay on the instrument you will eventually pay it off.  Stringed instruments can be exchanged for bigger sizes with no hassle and it’s free.  Try us for your next rental!  (We just don’t rent tubas – sorry…)

Digital Downloads Available

For years we have resisted downloading music for many reasons mostly because the end product was not very good. Technology forges ahead and now we are able to provide you with decent copies of the latest singles, an oldie that your mother sang to put you to sleep, or the flute part to a band piece that went “missing”. And the best part is that it is legal – we pay a yearly membership fee with both Alfred’s Publishing and Hal Leonard to get access to their digital files. Though we still love the look of traditional music and the pictures of Lady Gaga on the covers, sometimes you need an audition piece today or a request for a wedding or funeral as soon as possible. We can help.  Just ask!

Instrument Repairs

Our friend, Jeff, repairs brass and woodwind instruments. Though he is not in-house most repairs can be done in 3 to 4 weeks. We can also replace strings on most instruments for a small charge. And we are always happy to offer help and advice.  Just ask!


It’s great to see recognition for women in all areas but we especially like to see women musicians getting noticed these days. Included in these titles are well known women musicians/performers along with some lesser known classical women composers. It is important for new musicians to see and play composers other than Bach, Beethoven and the others. And perhaps these titles might pique the interest of veteran musicians? Take a look – all in stock at the moment or can be ordered in if not.

Wonderful cards by Alice Briggs in stock!

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